4 Landscape Edging Styles to Transform Your Backyard

Trying to perfect your backyard? Here’s a secret: well-defined edging is often the difference between an unkempt, messy yard and one that appears professionally groomed. As such, here are the four basic styles of landscape edging you should consider for your own backyard.

Choosing the Right Turf for your Garden

Brand new lawn can completely transform your garden design and landscape architecture, but without choosing the right type, your crisp, green grass could be short-lived. Given the harsh West Australian heat, a green lawn is highly sought after and might seem unattainable. Find our comparison of some of our favourite lawn types here!

How to Improve Your Garden’s Reticulation System

If you’re a WA-homeowner, chances are you have a garden reticulation system installed – most WA-homeowners do, and it turns out we’re onto something. If you haven’t yet hopped on this superior lawn care train or if you think your garden reticulation system could be better – read on.

Home Lawn Care Maintained – A New Trend

That patch of lush, green grass you gaze at on your daily neighbourhood walk isn’t just pleasing on the eye. Healthy, well-looked after lawn has a multitude of benefits, many of which are the driving force behind why more people are taking their lawn care maintenance...

Why Landscaping Design is Worth The Investment

However you plan to utilise landscaping design, it has always proven to be a great investment. Whether you are planning on selling your house and are hoping for a higher buy price or want to make your outdoor areas more beautiful, welcoming and functional –...

How to Look After Your Garden in Winter

Winter is on its way and you have probably started wondering how you can look after your garden with the cold and wet weather approaching. Before the wild weather hits, here is some preparation you can do to ensure your garden will be well looked after during that...

Why is my grass yellow in the summer and green in the winter?

So many people ask the question My turf has large dead and yellow areas in summer but remains lovely and green in winter. what can i do? 99% of the time your irrigation system is not watering efficiently or effectively. These areas indicate a lack of water is reaching...